Pop Culture

MKE This Week: Something to Celebrate

June 11th, 2013 |

Polish Fest opens, John C. Reilly goes underground, the Fine Arts Quartet plays on, “Wicked” returns, MAM’s “30 Americans,” and UWM dances in sunshine and under the stars.

“The Walking Dead’s” zombie-killers come to Milwaukee

February 17th, 2013 |

The Riverside Theater hosted Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus, producer Greg Nicotero and a horde of rabid fans.

Review: Jim Gaffigan at the Pabst Theater

December 31st, 2011 |

Gaffigan’s act channels that hilarious suburban guy you met once at a party, who just got a break from his four kids.

Deep-fried Romantic: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Turducken Meatloaf

November 24th, 2011 |

The Deep-Fried Romantic returns for a holiday special which requires the use of the “Perfect Meatloaf Pan” (As Seen on TV) and some specific ingredients.

Mondo Lucha! and YOU are there

October 13th, 2011 |

Milwaukee’s favorite Luchador-style wrestling, live music, and burlesque show returns to the Turner Hall Ballroom. A capsule in audio and pictures.

Radical marching band, radical noise

June 27th, 2011 |

The Milwaukee Molotov Marchers are looking to shake up your next protest… if they can find some drummers.

TCD Exclusive: The Return of the King

May 23rd, 2011 |

King Gambrinus, the patron saint of brewing and a lost Milwaukee icon, has come home to its courtyard at Best Place.

Funny Muthas: An ode to TV moms

May 8th, 2011 |

In honor of Mother’s Day, a former latch-key kid pays tribute to the funniest mamas from the small screen.

The 2011 Anime Convention, or “Why I Wish I Had a Costume”

February 22nd, 2011 |

Milwaukee’s annual event offered more cosplay, screenings, video and card games, exhibits, and guest stars than you could shake a bo staff at.

Online Dating: Doubleplusgood

February 10th, 2011 |

Before Match.com, people used to meet through happenstance. Now “meeting” someone is just a string of ones and zeros tested for compatibility in cyberspace.